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Engage with Billions Users of WhatsApp, the World's Preferred Messaging App.

  • Reach 1.5 billion global users of WhatsApp, and mark your company presence at the place where your consumers are already available.
  • Securely allow personal conversations with WhatsApp end-to-end encryption.
  • Drive consumer engagement with Rich, Interactive and Conversational brand experiences on WhatsApp.
whatsapp business solution

In the era of Digitalization, WhatsApp has become the most preferred daily communication app globally, that makes it the largest user base messaging app. On an average an individual checks their WhatsApp 23 times a day.

After the successful launch of WhatsApp Business in India and achieving great success stories for small businesses, WhatsApp has taken one step further releasing WhatsApp Business API integration for large scale enterprises to deliver high volume communications.

WhatsApp Enterprise solution with WhatsApp bot can help you reach over 1.5 billion users across more than 170 countries through verified business accounts, The Whats-app Business API integration will mark the revolution for the businesses who always wanted to improve their communication and support with their customers.

Benefits of WhatsApp Enterprise Solution

Uplift your Customer Experience:

Build an amazing customer experience from gaining in-depth knowledge and understanding of your customer through their profile and preference analytics.

Improved Productivity with Multiple Access:

Agents are no longer restricted to manage the channel with WhatsApp Business API Solution, multiple agents can have access and work on an integrated platform to handle the queries simultaneously via live chat this results in improved productivity.

Empower with Chatbot WhatsApp:

Add a fully AI enabled WhatsApp chabot to support the team in achieving more, WhatsApp bot can assist you with bulk enquiries, giving up space to your customer support agents agents to attend the genuine queries that matter..

What is the Difference ?

WhatsApp for Business WhatsApp Business API
Business profile
2-way conversation
Automate messages (AI/NLP)
Integration with software stack
(CRM, analytics etc.)
Bulk messaging

Individual conversations / manual canned messages only

High volume, automated, personalised messages
Limit on agent and devices One number to single-agent, on a single device One number to multi-agents, unlimited devices
Suitable for Small-medium sized businesses Enterprise businesses

Key Features of WhatsApp Business API integration for Enterprise:

whatsapp business solution

Verified Business/Brand Account

Just like other social media platforms having verification process and giving a blue tick mark on the verified accounts that gives the brand genuineness and gain customer trust and loyalty, WhatsApp Business API integration will enable your account with a green check mark badge that will endorse your Brand/Business authenticity, your account will also display key information like Business Name, corporate Address, Contact details & other information for reference of the customer.

whatsapp business solution

Messaging with Rich Media

Visuals communication are always impactful and long lasting on an individual mind, messaging with Rich Media like images, videos showcasing your latest products and services, PDF files to show the travel itineraries, e-brochure will help you communicate effectively and last longer on your customer’s mind with engaging experience through WhatsApp Business Solution.

whatsapp business solution

End-to-end encryption

Privacy of the customer data is the highest priority in every business, WhatsApp Solution ensures End-to-End encryption for all the messages shared, means that every single customer interaction with you will be completely confidential and secured, this feature is vital role in adding value to your customer relations.

whatsapp business solution

Tracking of Deliverability and Receipts

One of the best features of WhatsApp Business Enterprise Solution is the tracking of the messages that are delivered to customers and if they are read by them or not. This ensures customer satisfaction and improve support relationship while passing on critical communication such as flight delays, online order shipment, payment reminders and others.

How does WhatsApp Business API Integration Work?

Before an Enterprise can start messaging a customer must consent to receive messages through WhatsApp.

Customer Opt-in should meet the following guidelines.

Opt-in must be activated by the user:

  • Customer should opt-in with a visual element next to the WhatsApp name & logo.
  • Customer should have full control over what number they use through a clear action such as typing the contact number manually.

Clear messaging:

  • Customer has the right to know what type of communication they are signing up to receive through the WhatsApp chatbot.
customer opt in

Entry points initiated by customers

To drive usage of the whatsapp business, business enterprise can make it simpler for consumers to initiate a conversation. WhatsApp API has a wide range of smartphone and desktop capabilities to integrate at different entry points to enable customers to start interacting over WhatsApp.

Advertising WhatsApp availability:

  • Scanning a QR code
  • Send a text to a WhatsApp number
  • Sign up to receive notifications over WhatsApp
  • Launch WhatsApp with a button click
  • Launch WhatsApp with a link click

Entry points:

  • Email
  • Online and mobile web
  • IVR deflection
  • Print
customer entry point

Driving Discovery

Business Enterprise can place opt-ins at various customer touchpoints to drive discovery and start a conversation:

online transaction icon

During any online transaction process

profile setup security icon

Customer on boarding when setting up user profile and preferences

Whatsapp Business Solution

Via SMS. Email or within a mobile app

ads opt in icon

Via lead ads that allow opt-in

Notifications – Highly Structured Messages

The initial message that the WhatsApp Business API ropes is a Highly Structured Message (HSM), which is typically used for alerts and transactional notifications. Such communications are built on a well-defined messaging template permitted by WhatsApp and can comprise dynamic limits to personalise the interaction.

HSMs allows enterprises to send important, timely communication during the consumer journey and can be used to start a Conversation. Before deployment, messages must be pre-approved by WhatsApp.

This course has a distinctive Service Level Agreement of 48 hours. HSMs support rich media content and all Unicode characters, including emojis.

Businesses using the WhatsApp Business API integration to send push notifications and alerts have seen an increase in:

delivery rate icon

Delivery, open and conversion rates

Opt-in rates

customer retention icon

Customer Retention rates

Whatsapp services notification screen

Notification Templates

account update notofocation Icon

Account Update

Notify your customer for the change in their account settings

payment update icon

Payment Update

Remind customers for the due payment for any existing transaction

finance update icon

Personal finance Update

Confirm banking and other financial activities of customers securely

shipping update icon

Shipping Update

Inform Customer of their product shipping details

reservation update icon

Reservation Update

Update customers regarding their upcoming reservations

appointment update icon

Confirm an Appointment

Notify customers for the scheduled appointments

transportation update icon

Transportation Update

Notify customers for their transport reservations

ticket update icon

Ticket Update

Notify customers with reminder updates for their pre booked tickets for events and movies

issue resolution icon

Issue Resolution

Update customers regarding support ticket raised by them

alert icon


Notify customers with informational updates

Session Messages - Customer Care Communications

Session Message is another format of messaging used in Customer Care Communication and support, these messages are used to reply the customer initiated conversations. At times replies are automated from templated used by WhatsApp chatbot or be a free-form text.

To improve the user experience Rich Media Content can be used, Session Messages supports audio, video, images files and live location sharing. Session messages can be sent within 24 hours window, from the last message sent from a customer to a verified business account.

Using WhatsApp Business API solution to send Session Messages can helps enterprises to :

customer satisfaction icon

Customer Satisfaction

customer effeciency icon

Customer Service Efficiency

reduced operational spend icon

Reduce Operational Spend

customer care session

Real Time chat with a support Agent

WhatsApp Business API Solution for Enterprise can also be used to allow your customers to chat with support agent in real time. This is important in case the automated conversation fails to solve customer query due to unforeseen reason, or if a high priority query is detected.

contact care agent

Unique Solution to Customize Your Experience.

Whatsapp services Icon

Set automated responses

Keep your consumers engaged while on the go with pre-trained responds to FAQ’s and quick auto response when on BRB modes.

Whatsapp Services Icon

Switch to live chat mode

Switch to live chat and share rich media when required. Never miss an opportunity to connect for an important message, using the mobile or web panel.

Whatsapp Business Solution Services

Customize your assistant

Set a customized Display name, picture and greeting message that is inclined with your business branding.


Yes an end-to-end encryption is maintained, this happens between the end user and the WhatsApp Business API Client.
No. The WhatsApp Business API solution requires a fresh new number.
MySQL 5.7.x, PostgreSQL 9.5.x, 9.6.x, 10.x are required. Using a previous version will throw an Unable to initialize config store error.
There is no clean up mechanism for neither incoming nor outgoing media files. You can delete your media files manually by locating them on your system.

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